Summer Reading: Citizen Alum Featured in “Democracy’s Education”

Summer Reading: Citizen Alum Featured in “Democracy’s Education”






From Citizen Student to Citizen Alum

Harry Boyte, editor of Democracy’s Education: Public Work, Citizenship, and the Future of Colleges and Universities (Vanderbilt University Press, 2015) foregrounds the connections between students and graduates in a section titled  “From Citizen Student to Citizen Alum: Students and Alumni as Agents of Change.”

Jamie Haft, Associate Director of Imagining America, leads off with her essay, “Becoming a Citizen Artist.”

Cecilia M.  Orphan, who was the founding organizer and manager of the American Democracy Project of AASCU before she decided to pursue a doctorate in Education, asks “What’s Doctoral Education Got to Do With It?: Graduate School Socialization and the Essential Democratic Work of the Academy.”

David Hoffman, instigator of the Breaking Ground program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus, focuses on students in “Fostering Civic Agency by Making Higher Education (and Ourselves) ‘Real.'”

Julie Ellison’s piece, “The Civic Creativity of Alumni,” has plenty to say about Citizen Alum. Her contribution includes sections on “Infrastructure for Change,” “Cultures of Commitment,” and “Citizen Alum: An Organizing Strategy.”

More about Democracy’s Education

Democracy’s Education grows from the American Commonwealth Partnership, a year-long project to revitalize the democratic narrative of higher education that began with an invitation to Harry Boyte from the White House to put together a coalition aimed at strengthening higher education as a public good. The project was launched at the beginning of 2012 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act, which created land grant colleges….

[The] collection brings world-famous scholars, senior government officials, and university presidents together with faculty, students, staff, community organizers, and intellectuals from across the United States and South Africa and Japan. Contributors describe many constructive responses to change already taking place in different kinds of institutions, and present cutting-edge ideas like “civic science,” “civic studies,” “citizen professionalism,” and “citizen alumni.”

Order from your local independent bookstore or online: ISBN 0826520367