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Metro State’s Course Modules: Listening in Class

See updated interview questions here.

Jodi Bantley, Coordinator of Community Service Learning at the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, writes that Metropolitan State’s approach to Citizen Alum focuses on “academic integration and student learning.”

The institutional relationship-building between alumni relations and other units that is needed to achieve such integration is an important fringe benefit.

The Department of Communication, Writing, and the Arts explored CA as an “engaged department” project. There is considerable faculty interest in crafting CA components for courses that range from a basic Information Studies class to the capstone course.

To date, the most concrete academic outcome of CA is a plan to integrate “citizen alum stories” into coursework. Two sections of a Basic Writing course will be dedicated to the theme of civic engagement in Fall 2012, involving 44 students per semester in gathering alumni stories. The Human Subjects Review Board has approved a guiding set of interview questions (see “What Questions Are They Asking?”)  and a step-by-step guide for students.

Two Spring 2012 semester pilots will give the interview assignment a test run. It will be integrated into an upper division Media Studies course, ‘Communicating with New Media,” and a Social Science department internship, sponsored by the Center for Community-Based Learning.


  • Date:May 2012
Metro State’s Course Modules