Winona State University Commitment Statement

Winona State University’s “Civic Commitments 2012-14” include a strong focus on the Civic Alum Initiative.  A team on campus—including President Emerita Judith Ramaley, Vice-President Gores, Director of Alumni Relations Swenson, and ADP Coordinator Lindaman— has lead a commitment process for Winona State to be a pilot institution in the Citizen Alum initiative. “Gap” and “situated” alum narratives in video and written form will be featured on our Winona 360 or Democracy 360 site.  Through alumni surveys and interviews, a rich database of alumni engaged in public work is built for future resources and a better understanding of the civic learning and health of WSU students, both while they are here on-campus and once they graduate.  This research collaborates with the WSU Alumni Office and Foundation in making connections to alumni as well as the American Commonwealth Partnership and its Citizen Alum project. It also contributes to the Rural Outcomes Initiative through the Minnesota Campus Compact in understanding better the economic development and workplace contributions in Southeastern Minnesota. Building on intentional student engagement and undergraduate research, students in the spring of 2012 will begin to collect and disseminate this critical work.