What Questions Are They Asking? Updated June 2013

Metropolitan U. Students Interview Alums

 From “Citizen Alum Interview Questions” developed for writing and communications courses by Professor Danielle Hinrichs in collaboration with the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship


1. How are you involved in your community or in efforts to solve public problems?

2. How do you address community issues through your work? What are the primary social issues related to your field? What are your goals for creating change through your job?

3. What motivated you to become involved in community and public problem-solving? How did your path to civic engagement start?

4. How did your experience as a student at Metropolitan State University influence your efforts? Were there any particular classes, instructors or organizations that shaped your ideas or your approach to community work? How?

5. Who are your role models? Who inspired you to become involved in community work?

6. How has your life changed because of your community involvement? What have you gained from being a civic actor?

7. How would you describe a good citizen?

8. What advice would you give Metropolitan State University students about community engagement? For those students who are already involved in their communities, what lessons could you share?

9. Is there anything else you would like to share?


Cited with the permission of Professor Hinrichs,“Metropolitan State University Citizen Alum Project Interview Questions”