Metropolitan State University Commitment Statement

Metropolitan State University, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is the only urban institution in the Minnesota State College and University system that offers a comprehensive range of baccalaureate, graduate and doctoral programs. We serve over 10,000 mostly nontraditional students whose ties to the metropolitan region present a distinct opportunity to connect alumni, students, faculty and other institutional resources in new ways as stewards of place. We are committed to the idea that the stories of our citizen alumni, including those who may not already enjoy recognition for their public work, will be the driving force in shaping these strategies. In January 2012, representatives of the Citizen Alumni initiative will be meeting with the Alumni Foundation’s Board to suggest possible approaches, based on our preliminary inventory of interest and capacities within the institution. In partnership with our Alumni Relations office, our Citizen Alumni initiative has inserted questions about public work into a survey that will be conducted February through May 2012. Beginning in January 2012, the Center for Community-Based Learning will supervise a student intern who will begin gathering alumni stories while we solicit faculty involvement in a broader story-gathering effort, such as through service-learning projects that could be embedded in coursework by summer or fall 2012. At minimum, the survey and gathering of stories will enlarge the network of alumni who could bring their civic experience to bear on the university through existing channels including serving as a resource to courses, mentoring current students, attending campus events, etc. We look forward to identifying patterns of civic engagement among alumni as a basis for informing new interactions such as networking peers in a particular field, linking online affinity groups and the like. Metropolitan State’s American Democracy Project committee, which consists of faculty, staff, students and lead administrators across diverse university divisions, will be an integral part of shaping additional strategies and fully supports our institutional commitment to the Citizen Alum initiative.