Members’ Council



The Members’ Council, made up of the Team Leaders from all member campuses,  is the national coordinating committee for Citizen Alum. It serves several important functions, including consultation on matters such as the direction,  priorities, and programs of Citizen Alum; the dissemination, gathering, and circulation of information; and the coordination of particular initiatives–such as collaborative research and/or publication– carried out by all or some Citizen Alum campuses. Some members of the Council, with important links to key national networks and organizations, will also serve on the National Steering Committee of Citizen Alum.



Alcorn State University: Janice H. Gibson

Ashé College Unbound: Adam Bush

Augsburg College: Tom Morgan

Auburn University College of Liberal Arts: Mark Wilson

California State University-Monterey Bay: Roberta Valdez

Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research, Cornell University: Richard Kiely

Center for Public Interest Careers, Harvard College: Travis Lovett

De Anza College: TBA

Emerson College: Donna Heiland

Kennesaw State University: Lisa Duke

Lonestar College-Kingwood: John (Jay) Theis

Marian University School of Liberal Arts: James Norton

Metropolitan State University: Jodi Bantley

Syracuse University: Peter Englot

University of La Verne: Jean Bjerke

University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Office of Student Life: David Hoffman

University of Michigan: Julie Ellison

University of Michigan-Dearborn: Peggy Pattison

University of Minnesota Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education: David Weerts

Winona State University: Kara Lindaman