Invitation to Partner on Citizen Alum Institutes

Invitation to Partner on Citizen Alum Institutes




About Citizen Alum Institutes

Citizen Alum and the Jandris Center for Innovative Higher Education at the University of Minnesota (“the J Center”) have partnered on two institutes for Citizen Alum campus teams: a national institute in June 2013 and a regional institute in September 2014. The institutes have two goals: to send teams home with a plan for their work in the coming year and to support the organizing efforts of Citizen Alum as a national civic engagement initiative

These short, intensive meetings bring together a diverse group of campus team members. Teams include recent and not-so-recent graduates, academic program directors, deans, higher ed thought leaders, community engagement staff, faculty members, and alumni relations and development professionals.

See Citizen Alum Minnesota Institute (CAMI) Fall 2014 Agenda.


Invitation to Partner on Future Institutes

Is your team interested in hosting a regional or national institute? Please contact us to initiate an exploratory conversation.

Contact the Jandris Center: The J Center strives to disrupt assumptions, reframe problems, and envision scenarios to create a better future for higher education and society.

David Weerts, Co-Director, Jandris Center (

Contact Citizen Alum: Citizen Alum counters the image of alumni as primarily “donors” with a vision of them as also “doers.”  Alums are allies in education–crucial partners in building multigenerational communities of active citizenship and active learning.

Julie Ellison, Lead Organizer (